The Flood

by Shepard Martin

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At the root of a flood all there is are tiny drops of water. When you tear it apart that's all it is. And when all those little, harmless drops of water come together there is a devastating effect.

At the root of The Flood all there is are tiny little emotions. That's all there ever was. You may focus on the bad, but the good is there too. And when all those little tiny emotions come together a person is living a life.

In this most recent Flood I have had two haircuts. I decided to do some things I regret. I also did some wonderful things that I don't want to forget. I made some close friends. I looked at beautiful paintings and listened to heavenly music. Three people ran away, but they promised me that they would be back. I swear I believe them.

I wrote this album for that most recent Flood of mine and for all the other Floods I've seen. Some of those are mine and some are others.

Don't get comfortable or you'll drown and it will be hard to rescue you.

I love you.

- Shepard Martin, May 16, 2016


released June 5, 2016

All songs written and performed by Shepard Martin
Recorded between March 28, 2016 and May 16, 2016
Album art by Mary Stuart Herlihy



all rights reserved


Morrison Avenue Music Group Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Like The Flood, Pt. I
I am not a man
I am just a beast here with two hands
I will do my best to try to stand

Angels up above
Demons on the ground down here below
Everybody sees and now they know
Everybody sees my eyes, they know

Here I come
Watch me go
Like the flood

What's it really worth?
I am made of ashes and the dirt
In the end everybody hurts
Track Name: Like The Flood, Pt. II
Early in the morning, way before the flood
The sun was arising, a new day had begun
But it's still dark out
There's no light to see
And in that dark morning I felt free

I walked into her bedroom, I'd never been before
She got up and hugged me, I sat down on the floor
I said, "How are you doing?"
She told me, "Pretty bad."
I couldn't stay longer, had to go back

I wake up in the morning
Stare up at the sun
The moon returns to shelter, she's the only one

And there is Bright Eyes playing "Another Travelin' Song"
I write one to join him and try to hum along
But there's not much to fix these
Worn out, land locked blues
And everybody's leaving, how 'bout you?

How 'bout you?
Track Name: Come Down, Caroline
Come down, Caroline
Wake up in the morning and you will be fine
We're all paranoid
Running from the things we can't avoid

Come down, Caroline
Can't you see your questions only turn out lies?
No one is fine
I want to 'fess up
That I am okay with all of that stuff
It's all made up

It's not you
It's not me
I'm not good
You're not free
It's not true
It's not right
I haven't seen the light

Come down, Caroline
Morningtime will break and you will see the light
You will be fine
But until the dawn, you will have to find a way to carry on
But you'll carry on
Track Name: Flowers
One day I'll grow up and I will be fine
And I'll stare at the flowers and I'll think about the times
When I wanted to cry or wished that I could
One day I'll grow up and I will feel good

One day I'll be famous and I'll dance with the stars
Or I'll be sitting in ashes and singing in bars
And I won't go to college and I'll never be free
And I'll die all alone from some ugly disease

One day I'll grow up and I will be fine
And I'll get saved by Jesus and I won't have to cry
And I'll learn all that I need from that God-written word
One day I'll grow up and I won't have to hurt
Track Name: Be Made Whole (Dream Song)
I shaved my head the other day
In an attempt to kill what's gray
That's the thing, Lord
That's the thing

I cut myself to see what works
I want to feel, I want to hurt
That's the thing, Lord
That's the thing

Oh the darkness seems so cold, so let me see
I want to be made whole, I want to breathe
My inside seems so dark, my inside seems so cold
I want to be made whole, I want to be made whole

I feel my heart as it beats
Down thirty million mile streets
That's the thing, Lord
That's the thing

'Cause my heart works, but my soul hides
I feel as though it has died
That's the thing, Lord
That's the thing

So take me as I am and not
For what I cannot be, I'm not
That's the thing, Lord
That's the thing

'Cause I can never fully be
What I want, that's to be free
That's the thing, Lord
That's the thing
Track Name: Welcome To Our Wilderness
Welcome to our wilderness, where all of our dear innocence is hard to find
Welcome to our wilderness, where all the words we wish we'd say escape our minds

Welcome to our wilderness, where we're all just little children running scared
Welcome to our wilderness, where all our struggles make for heavy air

Welcome to our wilderness where demons run and chase us from behind
Welcome to our wilderness, where everything we're ever told is a lie

I breathe this air
I breathe this air and it fills me and I'm scared
Track Name: Okay
Well I want to hold you and keep you safe
And I want to fix you and make you okay
But that's so damn hard to do and I can't do it anyway

And I want to help you, keep you free from the harm
And I want to heal those scars on your legs and your arms
But I don't think I can help you, at least not for long

There are bad memories and they're stuck inside your head
One day you'll make new ones, make them good instead
And I don't think I can help you, but I'll try my best
Track Name: All There Is
All there is is the moon and the stars
Cigarettes and singers in bars
Cheap perfume and ocean air
Cover it up, pretend I wasn't there

All I am is dirt and dust
All I will be is covered in rust
I will try to live on through my brain
And I will try not to succumb to the flames

And I will bring you flowers on the day
That you get home and you're okay
And I will hug you and kiss your scars
And I will say how much I've missed your heart
Track Name: Matches
You promised me cigarettes and gasoline
A match to burn both of those things
You promised me sunshine and only brought me rain
I use those matches to start another flame

Can you see the fire from the trees?
I couldn't put it out let it breathe

You promised me solace, was that another lie?
In the morning will I wake up and find that I'm not fine?
Are you the reason for such a state in me?
Or am I to blame for never being free?
Track Name: I'm Sorry
Well I'm sorry, I'm not mad
It's just the whole damn day I saw him have

Well I'm sorry, I was wrong
And I know I shouldn't talk about it and I definitely shouldn't write this song

Tell all your demons to leave me alone
These voices in my head just won't go
Won't you call me on the telephone?

Well I'm sorry, I'm not right
And I guess I should do what they say and find the light